Make your garden smell amazing

Let’s make your garden smell amazing!

Spring 2024   Lets set up the landscape to flower and smell good with the following trees and shrubs:

The key is to get the landscape ready …that means taking into consideration soil conditions, such as nutrients, compaction and organic content.

It is fundamental to know how the landscape works such as shading, nearby shrubs, trees and hedges. Why, and how, you want the trees and shrubs.

make your garden smell amazing with a Rhodedendrum

Rhododendron (Azalea);  Evergreen shrubs that produce stunning clusters of flowers in various colours including pink, purple, red, white, and yellow. They prefer acidic soil and partial shade.

make your garden smell amazing with forsythia

Forsythia: Deciduous shrubs known for their bright yellow flowers that appear before their leaves in early spring. They add a burst of colour to gardens. These are easily propagated from bar root cuttings.


make your garden smell amazing with a camellia

Camellia: Prized for elegant, waxy flowers and bloom from late winter to early spring in various colours. They prefer acidic soil and partial shade, so no early morning sun.

make your garden smell amazing with some cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom (Prunus): Cherry trees, such as Prunus Serrulata (Japanese cherry) and Prunus Avium (wild cherry), produce breathtaking displays of pink or white blossoms in early spring. They are slow to grow but spectacular with great autumn leaf colour.


Magnolia: Famous for large, fragrant flowers that bloom in shades of white, pink, and purple early in spring. They prefer slightly acidic, well-draining soil.


make your garden smell amazing with a viburnum

Viburnum: Offers clusters of fragrant flowers in spring, often followed by berries in the autumn. Varieties like Viburnum tinus, Viburnum Bodnantense, and Viburnum Opulus are popular choices.


Daphne: Produces highly fragrant flowers in shades of pink, white, and purple. They prefer well-draining soil and partial shade. Remember, they are toxic!

Lilac (Syringa): Deciduous shrubs known for their sweet fragrance and clusters of purple, pink, white, or blue flowers. They bloom in late spring and prefer neutral to slightly alkaline soil.

Weigela: Easy-to-grow shrubs that produce tubular flowers in shades of pink, red, or white, attracting pollinators. They thrive in full sun to partial shade.

These options provide a variety of colours, fragrances, and bloom times to enhance your garden during the spring season.

Call us if you want help planting up your landscape. Let’s set up our landscapes to flower and smell good! 

Let’s make your garden smell amazing!

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