Net Zero Commitment

Committed to the climate

Due to the nature of our business we are making an active contribution towards achieving net zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

We have calculated our carbon footprint individually and as a company and are taking steps towards reducing this.

How we are working towards net zero

Using local suppliers where possible.
Bulk buying to reduce transportation of goods.
Greater efficiency is built into planning our activities
Acquiring machinery and vehicles that do not use fossil fuels where possible, despite a lack of current lack of commercial availability.
Our office is solar powered.
Waste removed from site is disposed of by recycling – green or construction.
We ask customers to upload images and provide detailed descriptions to reduce the number of visits to site. Simple enquiries can be dealt with quickly. More complex issues can be estimated to ensure the cost is within budget followed by a visit to site.
We talk to suppliers to identify those who share our values and to encourage them to follow our lead.