Tree Surgery: Taking Care of Our Green Giants

Tree Surgery: Taking Care of Our Green Giants


Nature has a way of captivating us with its beauty, and one of the most majestic elements of the natural world is undoubtedly trees. These towering giants not only provide us with shade, oxygen, tranquillity, and biodiversity in the form of bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, and fungi to any landscape.

However, just like any living creature, trees need care and maintenance to thrive, which is where the art of tree surgery comes in.


Case study:

Following a tree safety survey within a stately home in the village of Stanhoe, Norfolk. A driveway lime tree was found to be decaying at the base. The tree was declining with large amounts of dead branches within the canopy.

Lime trees respond to pollarding as a species. So, working with the tree owner, it was decided that keeping the tree was considered the best solution.

As climbing would have been unsafe accessing the tree required a specialist cherry picker. In this case, to keep the tree, we reduced it in size. The tree will now regrow and remain as a driveway tree although smaller and significantly safer.

Going forward cyclic re-pollarding of the tree is planned so the tree is retained as a smaller tree nicely covered in leaves but somewhat safer. 

The images shown here are from June 2023 and show a cherry picker as the method of access to the tree canopy.
Norfolk Tree Survey

Tree surgery, also known as arboriculture, is the practice of pruning, removing, and maintaining trees to ensure their health and safety. The process involves the use of specialized tools and techniques to trim branches, remove deadwood, and correct any structural issues that may jeopardize the tree’s stability.

One of the primary reasons for tree surgery is to promote the overall well-being of a tree. By removing dead, damaged, or diseased branches, arborists allow the tree to redirect nutrients to healthier areas, preventing the spread of decay and potential disease. This process results in a healthier tree and enhances its appearance by removing unsightly limbs.


Furthermore, tree surgery plays a crucial role in preventing potential hazards. Dead or unstable branches can pose a significant risk, especially during storms or high winds. Falling branches can cause injury to people, damage property, or even disrupt power lines. Arborists carefully assess the tree’s health and structure to identify potential risks and respond appropriately to mitigate them.


Case study

A new housing estate in St Faiths Norwich presented us with protected trees showing decline or storm damage following a tree survey. Large oak trees were left growing, and houses were built around them. Sadly, the tree roots had become damaged and severed following the development of new houses. This had caused large dead branches within the tree canopy. There was a risk of future damage to property such as nearby cars driving past, or cars parking, and injury to children playing nearby meant we hastily approached the local planning authority for emergency works to remove the dead branches.   

In addition to pruning, tree surgeons also offer tree removal services. Removing a tree is usually a last resort, but it becomes necessary in some situations. This can happen when a tree is severely damaged, diseased beyond recovery, or poses a danger to people and property. Tree surgeons carefully plan and execute the removal process to ensure the safety of everyone involved and minimize any impact on the surrounding environment. It is important to note that tree surgery requires high skill and expertise. Arborists undergo extensive training and often hold certifications to ensure they possess the knowledge and proficiency to handle the job safely and effectively. They are well-versed in the biology and physiology of trees and understand how to work with them without compromising their health.


Furthermore, tree surgery is not limited to residential properties. It is also essential for maintaining the health and aesthetics of trees in public spaces, parks, and urban areas. Urban tree management is critical in cities where space is limited, and trees are subjected to various environmental factors such as pollution and restricted root growth.

In conclusion, tree surgery is a vital practice that helps preserve the beauty and health of our natural surroundings. By employing skilled tree surgeons to carry out pruning, maintenance, and removal, we can ensure the safety of trees, people, and property. So, the next time you find yourself admiring a majestic tree, remember the dedicated tree surgeons who work tirelessly to keep our green giants thriving.

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